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I noticed how close the end of my life is. This notion made me construct this webpage. It is like making a sand castle.

"FootPrint" leads you to the List of my works. Most of my works could be collected.


InterestsFMusic, Education, Science and Study
After graduating Nishi High School in tokyo, enrolled to a National University.
Participating to the IIP (International Internship Programs). (from 1987.10 to 1988.3, Canada BC)
Part time teacher at the Chiba High School, (General Science I or Earth Science, from 1991.4 to 1994.3)
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology(majoying System Science) (1995.3 left)
Full time Lecturer, Department of Science Education, College of Education, Ibaraki University. (from 1995.4)
Associate Professor(Jyo-Kyouju) / Lecturer at the Graduate School of Education, Ibaraki University. ( from 1997.10)
National University Corporation of Ibaraki University.ifrom 2004.4.1.j
Associate Professor(Jun-Kyouju) (from 2007.4.1.)

Editor of the Newsletter of the EASE. (since Oct. 2007)

Courses in Charge

‹³—{‰È–Ú General Subjects
Introduction to the Sustainability
ê–å‰È–Ú Special Subjects
‚»‚Ì‘¼ Other Subjects
‘åŠw‰@ Graduate School
Ž©‘R‰ÈŠw‘‡Œ¤‹†A—‰ÈŽö‹ÆÝŒvA—‰È‹³ˆçŠw“Á˜_A—‰È‹³ˆçŠw‰‰KA ƒTƒXƒeƒCƒiƒrƒŠƒeƒB‹³ˆç‰‰K



Feel free to ask any question, lecture, etc.

Bunkyo 2-1-1, Mito, Ibaraki 310-8512 Japan
College of Education, Ibaraki University
Hisashi OTSUJI
+ 8 1 - 2 9 - 2 2 8 - 8 2 3 2@@@otsujihmx.ibaraki.ac.jp
Œ“–±: Institute for the global Change Adaptation ScienceiICASj